Forest canopy representing growth, nourishment and vitality.

Integrating the ideas of Yang Sheng into your Practice & Life

Nourishing Life, Birth, Growth, Vitality & Health

We are delighted to announce a day-long in-person workshop with

Deirdre Courtney
April 20th, 2024
in the Ashling Hotel, Dublin.

Deirdre Courtney is a long time member of the IRCMH register and is a leading practitioner, teacher and author in the areas of using herbs, acupuncture, nutrition, lifestyle and diagnostic face reading in Chinese Medicine.

She is a specialist in the art of Yang Sheng and is deeply interested in the Chinese concept of ‘nurturing life’, based on the ancient philosophy of living in harmony with the world and yourself. Deirdre taught worldwide with Lillian Bridges for many years until Lillian sadly passed away in 2021.

She continues their work and teaches internationally in the United States and Europe.

In this workshop Deirdre will cover a wide clinic brief, including the following:

  • Environmental and lifestyle issues that directly impact our health and immune system.
  • Reading the face diagnostically, including being able to see:
    • Shen and Shen disturbance
    • Addiction and depression
    • Hormone imbalances
    • Immune health
    • Overused or underused emotions.
  • Providing dietary, herbal and lifestyle information to our patients.
  • Supporting our patients without overwhelming them.

For more information about Deirdre, visit

  • 6 CPD points
  • 10 CPD points for IRCMH members who also attend our AGM on the same date.


Please select an option for payment below if you wish to register and access details will be sent to you via email.

IRCMH Members: €100

Members of other Chinese Medicine Registers (TCMCI & AFPA): €135

Chinese Medicine Students: €125

Non Members: €170